The Considered Spring Clean

Daffodils are peeking through the soil and evenings are getting lighter – the arrival of spring gives us a huge energy boost and the urge for a top-to-bottom house clean.

With our love for considered living, we take a natural approach to cleaning at Sorbet Living. An interior filled with beautiful things should be treated with care, and we favour cleaning products and methods without toxins to protect our health, and the health of our planet.

Caring for your linens

 Linen fabrics are at the heart of our brand; we have always been drawn to linen because it’s an elegant, natural material that drapes perfectly. And it’s surprisingly easy to care for, if you use the right products and cleaning method.

Made from the flax crop – a plant that’s available in abundance around the world – linen cleaned using products which are as close to nature as possible. Our Eco Household Soap Flakes by Farm Co. are made from vegan, plant-based, cold process soap, grated by hand and stored in a plastic-free refillable glass jar. To wash your linen towels or bedding, use ¼ of the jar in your washing machine and select the gentle wash at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees (no need for fabric softener). Choose a dry sunny day and hang your linens outside to dry, where they can absorb the fresh spring air. Once dry, no need to iron. The linen will naturally shape and drape as it dries, and this is a fabric that somehow gets even softer and better-looking with age.

Our Eco Household Soap Flakes can also be used to wipe down surfaces, mop floors and hand wash delicate items. Visit the Kitchen and Laundry section of our website to find out more about Sorbet Living’s natural cleaning ethos.

Washing up without chemicals

We all spend many hours a week washing dishes, and you could be draining more than soap suds down the plughole. Washing up liquids can contain harmful chemicals which impact the environment as well as irritating your skin. Not only that, many mainstream washing up liquids come in virgin plastic containers with elements that can’t be recycled. We use Farm Co’s Dishwashing and Hand Soap, a traditional farmhouse soap that still tackles grease and crockery stains while being gentle on hands and environmentally friendly. The 400g slab is made from natural ingredients including olive oil, coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda and lemon essential oil and comes in a lovely plastic-free cardboard box. If you buy this now we promise it will last right through to summer.

by Amy Tarrant