Sorbet Living is a lifestyle homewares store curating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful. We embrace a thoughtful, sustainable way of life where items are chosen carefully, for their provenance and back story – striking a sense of calm and elegance when layered together. I believe homes should feel welcoming and lived-in and celebrate the restorative rituals of the everyday, as well as life’s special milestones.’

‘Based in the South Downs of England, I hope to bring everyday moments alive – from pouring your morning coffee into a handmade porcelain cup, packing a picnic in a natural willow basket, or dressing a table with beautiful natural linens, beeswax candles and a wonderful eclectic mix of striking handmade ceramics. Home should be comforting and I hope you will enjoy our collections that include dining, living, bed and bath ranges.’

‘Colour and texture echo the world outside; natural materials in deeper colour palettes for autumn and winter, turning to softer shades for summer. I collaborate on seasonal shoots working with creatives on styling and photography to capture the world of Sorbet Living, and writers to help bring our story to life.


My father grew up in India and came to the UK on his ownaccord when he was just 18. As a child his influence withcolour was a huge feature of my life growing up – we hadHabitat everything, with a bright orange, jumbo cord sofa,purple carpets, and outfits to match! 

Studying History of Art, I spent time in Florence and fell inlove with the colours of Italy – soft pastel shades in off-whites, soft pinks, and mellow yellows – mixed with thedepth of earthy terracottas and warm greens.

After working as a fashion, tailoring buyer, I finally followedmy desire two years ago to establish a homeware company,and the palette I so loved in Italy became the foundations ofthe idea for SORBET LIVING . With all the associations thatcome with the fun spirit of something so colourful, happy,comforting and joyful.